FOCI Members are building and Civil Contractors, Sub-Contractors in the Construction Industry, Manufacturer, Agent and Suppliers of Building Materials, Plant or Equipment to the Construction Industry and those who provide services to the Building and Civil Contractors.

Membership Categories

FOCI have four main classes of membership, which are based on the registration categories of the Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. These categories reflect the asset base and the expertise in the handling of projects. They are:

Full (Ordinary) Member

Full (Ordinary) Member for companies engaged in Building and Civil Engineering Contracting in Nigeria

Associate Member

Associate Member for firms undertaking sub contracts in the Construction Industry in Nigeria

Information Member

Information Member for stockists and suppliers of materials, plants and equipment to the Construction Industry

Group Membership

Group Member which is open to firms associated with existing members provided that the group member's business is such as to make the applicant eligible for membership as the parent member.